Keeping The Seattle Scene Fresh: ESSEX Drops His Latest || [untitled EP]

Think of a ‘slowly floating between galaxies because your spaceship ran out of fuel’ kind of story.

ESSEX – [untitled EP]

Download ESSEX – [untitled EP]

Beginning, middle, climax, and end. It’s all here in ESSEX’s new release, ‘[untitled EP]’. This four track EP caught my eye and I was instantly hooked. For your first time, I recommend giving it a full listen-through. It’s not often nowadays that you find a piece of work that tells a story throughout. This one certainly does. Filled with other-worldly textures and bold, distorted drums, ‘[untitled EP]’ is certainly an inspiring piece of work to say the least.

Seattle has always been known as a staple city for new and innovative music. The scene is constantly growing and changing with new artists and fresh styles thrown in the mix. If you haven’t heard, there’s this little thing called wave music coming straight from the UK. (All joking aside, they are doing big things over there. See for yourself: LIQUID RITUAL). Producers like Kareful and Klimeks are heading a vibing, pulsating wave community which is now stateside with the introduction of Seattle resident, ESSEX, and other talented producers.

Starting off strong in 2015, ESSEX released his debut EP, ‘777’ and hasn’t looked back since. 2016 brought us some amazing releases from him, but this latest EP is something else entirely.

“…Growing up in an DIY community of creatives, we all produced and recorded our music without the help of engineers. I learned the technical aspects of recording long before I had even listened to real dance music. So for me when writing, a lot of older habits bleed over into Essex. I’ll “jam” by myself for a few hours playing along to a 4×4 and hats to sketch ideas the same way I would recording guitar. And considering I use soft-synths and some hardware keys, knowing piano I feel let’s me get ideas out more efficiently. Having a relationship with music theory has definitely proven beneficial.” 


Producing is an expensive game and support for local artists means a ton, no matter how small. Throw ESSEX some support on Bandcamp so he can continue to produce heat:


Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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