resonata_ Impresses with New ‘Reminiscent’ EP

Local Seattle talent, resonata_, lays down some serious ambiance with his latest release, ‘Reminiscent’ EP. This three track collection features a beautiful blend of chill but epic soundscapes and sincere vocal sampling. The EP as a whole flows together nicely and each track is complete with a unique style.

The only way to fully capture the essence of this EP is to listen to it all the way through. The second and third tracks both start where the last one left off. You don’t hear that enough in current releases; definitely a pleasant surprise. He had this to say about his personal connections with his work:

“I generally draw inspiration from personal life experiences, relationships, etc. Music throughout life has played a huge part in coping with the major life stresses I’ve had growing up and in a way, all of those moments seem to linger in my head when I write music. The very fabric of an entire song can be an evocation of a single moment in life that I’ve had permanently burned into my mind. I think I’m some small way it’s cathartic to just let it envelope me and pour it into my work.”

“Olēka” is a chilling intro track with long, sustained pads that sound eerily organic alongside prominent yet quiet white noise. Following “Olēka” is a track labeled “Azumi”, which features impressive vocal sampling. Utilizing the idea of simplicity, resonata_ uses minimal percussion for this one, with a soft kick bringing out the bass synth patterns. The deep pads are blended with the vocals to a point where you can hardly tell they are different sounds. He had this to say about his producing habits:

“I think for the most part, I tend to start songs with sampling. Sometimes I’ll create the ambiance first, but mostly I try to find or create something that’s got a special kick to it. Even when recalling some of my biggest musical inspirations, I noticed that there was always one piece of a song that really stuck out to me and I loved for that moment in the song. When creating, I really try to emulate that and it almost always comes in the form of vocals or vocal samples. For instance, in my song “Azumi”, there’s an almost harmonic vocal that I sampled into the track about midway through. The sample itself is the same as the main, low and bellowing vocal on the track except sped up the twice the rate and reversed so as it’s winding in it takes on an entirely different shape and kinda sticks in your head. I like to think music is a bit more memorable with those little moments.”

The third track, “City Of Roses”, starts where “Azumi” left off, with fading white noise blending seamlessly into a string-driven section. The track slowly builds until about the 2:30 mark, where a filtered vocal sample compliments the simple yet captivating percussion. He had this to say about his percussion habits:

“Drums are also one of my favorite things about producing electronically. Being able to automate elaborate drum beats and edit rhythms in a way that human hands are incapable of is amazing to me. It’s always fun to try and mix drums with genres that don’t normally fit together to see what kind of unique stuff I could come up with. For instance, I currently working on a very dark and heavy occult-type track with a friend and the last bar leading into the drop bursts into an amen break out of nowhere right before the main section hits. It’s totally bonkers but somehow works perfectly within this track. I love it.”

Show support for resonata_’s latest release and check out the dates / locations from his upcoming DISSOLUTION’ tour in February. Essex, brothel., and ℓuminance are also on the bill for this tour so don’t miss out.

Download ‘Reminiscent” EP here:


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