Blackbear’s ‘idfc’ Gets Soulful Reboot From high on you.

Since it’s release in 2015, “idfc” by Blackbear has received a number of remixes, but non compare to the work that was done by high on you. Working off of the slow melodic style of the original track, this fresh remix samples the dreamy vocals at different pitches to give off a harmonizing effect. From here, high on you uses the original chords with a hollow sounding future synth and brings it home with a strong distorted sub bass.

Simplicity is sometimes key when making music. With this last release, high on you proves this point and gives us one of the chillest remixes of the year. For the download, this track reminds us of simpler times and features a free download in the player.

Also check out the man behind high on you on his Instagram page. He’s got some amazing graphic visuals and photography.

Download “idfc” here:

high on you.

Soundcloud / Instagram


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