Planet V Drops New Single – ‘Consciously Drifting’

Planet V just dropped his latest single, “Consciously Drifting”. I cannot even begin to describe my thoughts on this soulful piece of work. I just discovered Planet V today and am already hooked. He draws influence from all over the board of electronic music and puts his own chill and creative spin on it.

The organic sounding percussion samples in “Consciously Drifting” blend together perfectly with the deep space atmospheres and synths. Parts of this track even has muffled growls that you would only hear in a Dubstep track, but he manages to keep them low key and in the background.

Planet V is coming hot off of the release of his latest EP, ‘Boardgamenight’. This five track EP is deliciously chill and filled with ambient soundscapes and mellow pads. My favorite from the EP is “Outro”, which features smooth piano riffs and pulsing synths; a masterpiece on it’s own.

Snag the ‘Boardgamenight EP’ here:

Download Planet V – “Consciously Drifting” here:

Yes he dropped this latest track for free but don’t forget to support him on Bandcamp if you want to throw him some mullah.


Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp

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