We are blessed again by a release from The Ninetys. ‘We Are The Same’ Mixtape is bigger than ever and features a wide range of different genres and vocalists. Available on Bandcamp for £4.99.

Most people know The Ninetys from his popular remix of The Weeknd Feat. Drake – “Live For”. This collaboration with Hucci was huge and The Ninetys have certainly lived up that track since then with a steady stream of releases featuring fellow Veyron Archie producers.

With the recent hype in the Trap world on Asian woodwind sounds and pan flutes, ‘We Are Not Same’ Mixtape includes two tracks; “Soul Of…” and “Tokyo”, which give a unique spin on this trend. While “Tokyo” might not specifically include any woodwind instruments, the vocal sample that he lifted and uses throughout the track sounds eerily similar. On top of the prominent pitched bending sub bass, this sample is a testament to the talent in The Ninetys’ producing.

Most of this mixtape hits hard, but the exception, “Peaches and Cream”, comes as an unexpected treat. Smooth jazzy piano is layered with tight drums driven by a ride symbol loop and a Rhodes piano freestyle that brings it all home.

Moving on to the tracks with vocalists, this mixtape includes features from ZXPH XLLXS, Mic Supreme, and Mercenary May. His collaboration with Mic Supreme; “I’ll Be On My Way”, will take you back to early 2000’s R&B with a guitar riff sounding straight out of “What Goes Around” by Justin Timberlake and flow similar to a younger 50-cent.

If you have been sleeping on catching The Ninetys in a live set, then this is the time. He’s sure to be bumping these tracks and more from his discography.

The Ninetys released ‘We Are Not The Same’ independently so show your support by purchasing the album on Bandcamp here. Also check out other similar releases through the Veyron Archie collective.

Download The Ninetys – ‘We Are Not The Same’https://iamtheninetys.bandcamp.com/


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