Talk about smooth. Starting out strong with a funky, melodic future synth, “Hold Up” quickly dives into a blend of catchy vocals and dreamy synths. With a strong percussion section for the chorus, the beat maker, Madijuwon, tones down the sharp snares and high hats to make room for the main vocal section. Catch the full lyrical flow here:

“hello misses you looking pretty vicious but you Got that game twisted apex came here for business, who is this all up on my phone like it’s regular, was getting too frequent had to switch up the cellular

I’m tellin ya, only 3 dials when I’m belling ya, mad lies move vo5 they be jelling ya, 2 sides to the story and u got mine fucked up, was in a mosh pit when I got chucks fucked up

New flows couple new foes, old flows couple broke hoes, typos different time zones, mind blow through an iPhone, so lemme blow the most for them, really don’t drink so there won’t be no toast for dem, sitting humble in the back of the coach again, in the jungle tryna roll up the smoke again it’s like…” -Lord Apex

Also don’t sleep on this Lord Apex EP‘Smoke Sessions Vol 1.’. Lord Apex is not messing around with this EP. 16 smooth as ever tracks complimented with creative and fresh lyrical delivery.

Both Lord Apex and Madijuwon have been steady on the game recently so don’t miss out on any more of their releases.

Lord Apex

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