Featured Artist of the Week // OBESON


This is the beginning of a weekly feature on producers that have been killing the game and who deserve a shout out. Week 1’s feature is Toronto based producer, Obeson, who is a master at creating ambient soundscapes accompanied by clean percussion.

To start out, I would recommend going back to some of Obeson’s earlier work that dates back a few years.

“Control Me”, which was released two years ago, features dreamy synths with a layer of catchy vocals. The slow tempo and ambient synths will take you in and out of consciousness.

“Drowning” is my favorite track of his so far. The mix of acoustic sounds with deep, electronic ambiance and heavily reverbed snares is golden. One thing Obeson likes to do often is include pitched down vocal samples and he even messes with them in reverse. Seriously a talented producer.

His most recent track, “Try To Explain It”, was released last week and I’ve been playing it constantly ever since. It has a faster tempo than most of his other songs, but still keeps true to the dreamy style. For you producers out there, it sounds like he is using an electric rhodes piano for parts of this track. He is also reversing his vocal samples; another trick that I’ve had some success with. Try it out!

On top of his list of top notch singles, Obeson released a ten track album this past August called ‘Beyond A Billion Stars’. He put in some serious work on this album and it shows. The album takes influence from a number of different genres including Downtempo, Trap, R&B, and Wave, just to name a few. He also worked with several singers on this album. Both Y.A.S and Abby Diamond provide chilling vocals that compliment Obeson’s deep soundscapes.

Don’t sleep on this talented producer from up north. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about an upcoming tour or any shows scheduled. Hearing an all Obeson set would be legendary so I hope he has plans for that. In the meantime, check him out on Soundcloud for free downloads and it’s always nice to show support by purchasing some of his work on Bandcamp or Itunes.


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