ARYAY Delivers With Lion Kit 3 Sample Pack

If you’re on the lookout for a quality sample pack that you can use across a number of different genres, then look no further. This is Aryay’s third pack release and it’s the best one yet. The collection has been a work of progress and benefits from all of the collaborations that he’s been a part of. Purchase it now on Splice and recieve original patches used on his ‘Vicious EP’.

Get the full kit here:

“It’s been over a year since I’ve released the last volume in my Lion Kit Series. Over the past year I’ve been blessed to work with so many different producers and songwriters who make all sorts of music. This has really allowed me to create an all around eclectic sample pack this time around that lends itself to any genre. My focus with these Lion Kit’s has been to inspire fellow artists; for you to go in on these sounds and build something new, and to do it in nontraditional ways. As a producer, I am all too aware of being uninspired; in this case a new sample pack can be just what the doctor ordered. Creating Volume 3 has really meant a lot to me, as I took a totally new approach to what I collected. With Lion Kit Vol.1 and 2 I relied heavily on cutting up samples from my favorite tracks which in the end gave me no choice but to offer it for free. This time around I’ve put a pricetag on my kit but honestly, I’m very proud of it and excited to provide you with a whole new soundscape. The sounds within have all been exported from my own productions or created from layering and processing my presets and sounds. I know you are gonna love this! Thanks so much for the continued support, and keep your eyes peeled for some new music coming soon!” – ARYAY


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