Deadmau5 Works With Masterclass On Music Production Tutorial Pack

Are you finding it difficult to get your hands on quality electronic music production lessons? For us bedroom producers, the internet can be great, but finding extensive and accurate tutorials is a hit or miss. Fortunately, Masterclass has teamed up with Emmy nominated producer, Deadmau5, for an video tutorial bundle focusing on electronic music production. The bundle includes more than 20 video tutorials teaching you how to mix, master, and market your tunes. Also included is a class workbook that breaks down the lessons and allows you to see the material in a simplistic form.

This is huge coming from a veteran like Deadmau5. He has been on the scene for 10+ years and has cultivated his own signature sound from a trial and error-based production style. If the 10,000 hours theory holds true, then Deadmau5 is a prime example.

“Sometimes it happens in five years, sometimes it happens in 10 years. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. But it’s definitely 100% not going to happen if you don’t go out and try for yourself.” – Deadmau5

With Deadmau5’s raw Soundcloud page now resting in peace, this will be a a great resource to learn more about his workflow and other tips and tricks he has acquired over the years.

The pre-order is available on the Masterclass Website for $90 and opens sometime in December.

Sign up today here:

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